Yes, my life has been in limbo for 2 1/2 weeks now. MUCH has been done…but at times it feels as though we are just treading water. In the past few weeks/months, we have sold our vehicles, quit our jobs, sold our house, purged TONS of my personal belongings (50+ pairs of shoes, clothes, all of our furniture, much of my clothes, memorabilia, personal relics, etc), left my son and moved to another country. It IS quite daunting. At this point, that is now history and no longer overwhelming (except I miss my son dearly) and the emotional angst of throwing so much of my stuff away is just…DONE.  The adage “you can’t take it with you” isn’t so bad if you’re GONE. But watching it go and having to choose what goes and how much goes….I cried more during that week than I’ve cried over the past 10 years collectively.

So here we are in our own piece of paradise…and it IS paradise. Where I was wrong in assumption was that we were moving to the arid part of Costa Rica. Technically, it is. HOWEVER, we have moved in the midst of “rainy season” or “green season” which means it rains daily. It only rains from late afternoon/early evening (starts around 4-6pm) until evening (done in about 2 hours); BUT..the air is humid all day. It’s quite a different vista from what we experienced in our visits in Feburary and March. The foliage is lush green, tropical, rich in color and vibrant. In the “dry season”, it looks parched, dusty and much less colorful. So I am now appreciating the humidity in exchange for the beauty. Also…there is still a wonderful breeze especially along the coastline.

We are now a week in and still without a vehicle. This has been quite the experience for my husband. As a former “car guy”, he is dispositioned with finding a car for us to get around. Once he acquires a car (primarily for his use), I am hoping for a golf cart/ATV or the like for my needs (quite a difference from the 2017 BMW I got rid of in April preparing for this move).  It’s been (on the sideline) a bit entertaining watching him so engrossed in the local Facebook classified ads and searching Craigslist Costa Rica, etc. Usually I am the one searching for bargains for something (travel, tickets, etc) and he always wonders why I’m taking so long. Well…he’s about 4 days in now on all-day searching for a car. No comment.

Today we are headed out to figure out out to use cellular here. You don’t contract like the U.S. You purchase SIM cards and then go to local stores to load minutes/time on them. I understand the average person’s cost per month (individual use) is like $10/month. For business, it will run about $25 (due to amunt of usage).

The other adjustment so far is learning to be patient. Harder for the husband than for me and my daughter (Victoria). Waiting on replies is a bit comical. We’ve left a country whose employers typically require a call back “before day’s end” to a country that businesses “will get back to you”. I mean really….Rome wasn’t built in a day AND I’m not a transplant surgeon, so there is no rush…..I’ll go sit on the beach and wait.




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