The house….

Remember that saying “be careful what you wish for”?

Upon arrival to our dream destination, we are shuttled to the house that we were VERY anxious to rent. Although we can only stay for 3 months, my husband was determined that we “must have that house!”. We enter the gated driveway, unload our 18 bags (plus carry-ons and the dog) and then the gates will not reopen to let the driver exit. Nothing…NOTHING…makes the gates reopen and we are in process of making our FIRST call to the property management people to address our issue.

We enjoy the remainder of the day at our favorite “all day happy hour” bar on the beach, eating pasta at a place we had yet to visit, and passing out by 9pm…living large.

By that evening, my husband has also noted that the safe doesn’t work, some of the keys don’t work, and the house smells musty….forget for now the saying “if Mama ain’t happy”….or multiply it 5x….either way.  He is also displeased with the master bathroom (no shower), the sliding doors in the den (don’t lock without a bar placed at the bottom of the door) and I forget all what. My only problem at this point is the scorpion in the sink in one of the bathrooms which disappears before I can get my Knight in Shining Armor to save me from its presence in this house.

By the next morning (Friday)..hubby has shot off an email to the property management firm pointing out the safe, the front gates, the pool light that doesn’t work, the outside lights that don’t work, the filter in the refrigerator, and the musty smell. Again, at this point, my only real concern is the missing scorpion….

Our first full day is Friday. We eat a bit (after grabbing some necessities the night before at a small grocery in town) and head to town a bit later and stop for lunch at a sushi joint which is delicious. We then head to the “real grocery” in the pouring rain (it is the green/rainy season) stopping for a beer at the local microbrewery. Unfortunately, we shop like Gringos (those not Ticos) and leave with 3 bottles of wine, 3 pints of ice cream, cookies and the required black beans & rice. We are saved from the 3 mile walk back to the house by a taxi ($5 but we doubled his pay) and spend the rest of the evening watching the local US stations out of Miami.  By this point, hubby is already corresponding with a property manager of a condo complex in the area…..

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