After the journey over, the adjustment to the house and getting our initial supply of food, we begin to settle in. It still feels like I’m on vacation. Aside from hubby’s restlessness (which is driving me crazy) and eagerness to get the business into our hands, I feel healthier already. I love the walking, the fresh salt air, the peacefulness and the lack of the hustle & bustle of life in the US and the country’s typical stresses and expectations. (Where else in the world do you FREAK OUT before going on vacation from work and then kill your vacation buzz as SOON as you return?) Oh…it’s still an adjustment in process (details later), but I don’t miss dressing for work: the make-up, hair, and other girly things…

We had a great meeting yesterday with the seller:  gleaning facts, opportunities, missed opportunities, competition, staff, business set-up, etc. It doesn’t hurt that the backdrop to these meetings is the sun glistening off of the Pacific Ocean. The seller has been here 30 years…came on a vacation and decided he couldn’t leave. Built his business from scratch and is now ready to retire from sportfishing and spend all of his time maintaining his “other business” which is a website dedicated to tourists coming to the area.

I have used my “newly found language” about 12 times now. Those experiences being limited to “Buenos Dias”, “Hola”, “Gracias”…and then I tried “No mi gusta”….(Which was corrected by the waiter to “No mi gusto”)…which means “I didn’t like”. (after clearing my plate of a scrumptious meal)…So, I will work on my Spanish nightly for at least an hour and hope to goodness that they are all willing to help me along during the process. – Sidenote: Notice I have NOT even used the word cerveza yet! Keeping that one in my back pocket… I REALLY want to become fluent in Spanish. When taking conversational Spanish classes in Virginia (for the 3 months prior to leaving), my teacher explained that you use a part of your brain that doesn’t get used for anything else when learning a 2nd language. My comment? DO YOU REALIZE HOW LONG THAT PART OF MY BRAIN HAS BEEN DORMANT?  Holy crap….it’s going to take ages to get all of the cobwebs, mold, dust, etc out of that section of my brain….

We took the dog to the beach to watch the sunset. These visits to the beach with the dog have been an adventure for all. The first time, we got absolutely drenched in a passing rain storm on the way down. We stopped for a bite at a beach restaurant establishment, where Charlie Brown (the dog) had to bark at every dog entering the facility (although it IS an outdoor/open restaurant). After his barking shenanigans, he threw up on the floor next to me (classic) and while hubby (there’s my Knight!) ran over to clean it up, the staff filled buckets of water to wash it away….love these little embarrassing moments.

On our sunset walk, it was EVIDENT that Charlie Brown needed to “use the facilities”…after walking him around in circles for 15 minutes before getting to the beach, I head down the beach with him hoping he’d make it to the next grassy area. NOPE. Thank goodness for doggie bags. Hubby said he wasn’t sure who was relieved more – me or the dog.

I love how living in paradise still requires a sense of humor. I do feel much more at peace and ever-awed by the sunsets and nature. My daughter and I can’t figure out if the ice cream here (we are both lactose intolerant) is not “affecting us” because we are more relaxed or because of the lack of additives in the locally produced foods…  I’m thinking by the end of 3 months…I will look and feel 35 again… no comment please.

We made it to almost 10pm last night…almost. Blaming it on the fresh salt air, the sun, and all of the walking. Has nothing to do with age…..

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