CHAPTER TWO Costa Rica…how it began

It’s been a crazy 2017…planning our 3rd trip to Costa Rica, inviting my husband’s nephew from England to join us and my son, and this time, looking at houses and businesses while on our vacation.

We’ve visited Costa Rica a few times and always said we “could live here”. This visit, we were going to a new area (upon recommendation of my sister who married here in 2015) and we were looking at investment opportunities. After living in Virginia for almost 30 years, I knew I wanted to leave one day…but wasn’t sure where I (we) would go. We love the ocean but finding a job or launching our own business in a beach town in the U.S. seemed daunting. Having our own business was a vision for both of us..but WHAT would we do? Prior to each visit to Costa Rica, I peruse the real estate listings and look at the prices and availability of investment real estate in our upcoming destination area. This time, I noticed that the real estate companies also feature businesses for sale in Costa Rica, so why not look?

One month after our visit in February, we were back: meeting with a business owner, listing agent, attorney and negotiating our way to what I call “CHAPTER TWO”. Many things had to fall into place: 1) I had to be willing to give up my current career (the love for my job had prevented me thus far from considering a move) 2) We had to sell the house by owner 3) We had to find a place to live long term in Costa Rica 4) I needed my son to find a more stable job and a place to live (he’s 23) 5) I had to be able to take the dog and of course 6) the money needed to fall into place.

Needless to say, all of the requirements fell into place and on August 3, 2017, my husband, daughter, dog and I rolled into the Liberia airport (along with 18 suitcases) and journeyed to our new (but temporary) home in Tamarindo.

Costa Rica is not just paradise…it’s REALITY. It’s a “step back to simplicity” and definitely an adjustment (more so for the hubby). Everything seems different: the smells, the sounds, the weather, the atmosphere. The locals (Ticos) are very friendly and accommodating. The birds are all very different species from the ones my grandmother taught me to identify as a little girl. The howler monkeys sound like something off of Jurassic Park. Even my dog seems to think that things sound very different here. Oh yes…and the insects here are different….millipedes, centipedes, leaf-cutter ants, scorpions, and what all else is yet to be discovered…..











2 thoughts on “CHAPTER TWO Costa Rica…how it began

  1. Linda says:

    My brother Terry Barker was there a few weeks ago with your brother. I have been to Costa Rica twice to stay with friends who live in Manazillo. I am thinking of moving there so your blog will definitely help.


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